Posted in August 2012

Wall Street Corporate Cup Winners!

Below are the Champions and Runners-Up for the Wall Street Corporate Cup! Champions:Men’s B: Ball So HardMen’s Over 30: Brick LaneCoed: KOABD Runners-Up:Men’s B: RBSMen’s Over 30: FC66Coed: Football Team

NYC Summer Classic Winners!!

The NYC Summer Classic this past weekend had a great turn out! Below are the Champions and Runners-Up for each division!! Champions:Women’s: Magic ReservesMen’s Open: Meadow FalconsCoed Open: Carl Winslow FCMen’s B: Empire Supporters Club Runner’s-Up:Women’s: NY Smoking AcesMen’s Open: CPR Men’sCoed Open: Rascal BattallianMen’s B: Brockton Black Eagles