Get A Jump On The Cold This Winter and Travel With Soccer Resort

The cooler weather got you down with winter looming around the corner? Experts are calling for another rough one around the country. What better way to prepare than booking a getaway to the sun now and joining the thousands who are going south to experience a Soccer Resort!

We’ve got some great locations to offer you, both fan favorites and new places, where you too can experience the fun and sun with Soccer Resort.

In December, you can head to Las Vegas for our end of year Celebrity Tournament and play with the likes of Marcelo Barboa of USMNT fame and 2 other former Liverpool and Manchester United players. This tournament will also have a retro 80’s theme, so grab your spandex, legwarmers and neon colored items and experience a blast from the past.

Vegas not your style? Take your pick from San Francisco, Los Angeles or our newest destination, Austin, TX in December too.

Head on over to the beach in January for our Miami South Beach Classic. Soak up the sun, play great soccer and paint the town on this trip.

If you’re looking for a true Soccer Resort, check out our Cancun Cup in February. This tournament is exactly what we had in mind when we started hosting tournaments. Stay at a beautiful 4 star resort on the beach in Cancun. Step out on your balcony and take in the view, then head right outside to the fields located on the hotel grounds and engage in some great play. Then, do at all over again the next day. Play Relax. Party. Repeat.

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